The tuning Mary gave me relaxed my body (energies flowing freely from head to toe, and then out into the ground) and opened me to greater clarity in seeing moments in my past and finding positive ways of processing them. In addition to the technical aspects of the tuning, Mary had much to say that was wise and helpful throughout.
— David, Vermont

My tuning experiences have been so beneficial in terms of coming away feeling more clear (physically and emotionally), relaxed, and grounded, but also the sessions are just so fascinating. Mary is not only a healer, but she is the best kind of healer: one who intuits and guides. The process is interactive, not passive, and is a true collaboration. And somehow Mary manages to teach as she heals. Mary listens, but more importantly, she really hears. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to grow and heal under her expert and caring guidance.
— Joy, Vermont