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A Return To Harmony


What is Biofield Tuning? 

The term 'biofield' refers to the electro-magnetic field that our body emits. Anything electrical puts out a magnetic field, it is well known and measured we have a bubble or biofield around us. (HeartMath does great research on this!) This bubble around us holds our memories; charged experiences such as traumas cause us to shatter and literally lose a piece of ourself - this is well known in shamanic medicine - luckily these lost pieces stay floating around us in chronological order - like rings on a tree. The tuning forks are able to "feel" these lost pieces and guide them back to the body with help. 

Tuning forks work therapeutically according to the physics principles of resonance and entrainment. Initially they resonate with whatever distortion or dysfunction is present in the body and its field, and then, through the production of a stronger, more coherent frequency provided by the tuning forks, they entrain the body into a more coherent expression as well.

The overtones and undertones produced by the tuning forks interface, like sonar, with these acoustic emanations of the body the tuning forks are able to locate areas of noise in the signal. These pockets of noise are held like nodes or eddies in the standing waves contained within the biofield and may relate to experiences of physical, mental or emotional stress from any point in our lifetimes.

When the noise is located in the field, the precise application of sound from the tuning forks can cause the body to self-regulate out of the noise and into a more harmonious expression.


Mary's Mission

Mary’s life-long search for and experiences with what makes people thrive has led her to the power and beauty of Biofield Tuning under the guidance of Eileen McKusick. With great warmth and humor, she helps clients remove emotional blocks so that they can be the happy, loving people they fundamentally are. As a Speech Language Pathology Assistant for the last ten years, Mary has worked with children on the Autism Spectrum, and children with other cognitive and physical challenges. She welcomes working with clients of all ages and abilities. Mosts clients feel “lighter” and more relaxed directly after a session with long term effects freeing up unconscious patterns that can lead to pathologies in the body. Continued improvement is supported by a Bach Flower Remedy which they take home to support and enhance the ripple effect started by the tuning process. 


Biofield Tuning is a healing you can hear through the music of vibration.

~ Mary McGillivray

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Areas Biofield Tuning Can Offer Relief:   

Pain  •   Anxiety  •   Anger  •   Fear/phobias   •   Adrenal stress  •   Digestive issues  •   Menstrual issues  •  Depression  •   Grief  •   Fibromyalgia  •    Addiction  •   Panic attacks  •   Vertigo  •   PTSD  •   Migraines/headaches  •   Restless leg syndrome   •   Concussion Recovery  •   Creativity blocks  •  Life traumas  •  Athletic blocks & injury traumas  •  Childhood traumas  •  And SO MUCH MORE

Biofeild Tuning is contraindicated for the following conditions: Pregnancy • Cancer or Terminal Illness • Pacemaker 



Here in this video, Eileen McKusick, Sound Therapy pioneer and author of Tuning the Human Biofield, gives you a wonderful introduction into understanding the Human Biofield.


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