Standard Session

A standard session begins with client face down on treatment table so to receive a spinal walk with the weighted forks in order to prepare the body to receive the full benefits of the treatment, the remainder of the session is done face up first grounding the body then dowsing to identify area of focus. I clear the field by combing and if any density or noise is found I stay with it until it is restored to a coherent tone and flow. These pure tone inputs help calm and recalibrate the various systems of the body resulting in relaxation, clarity of mind and overall lightness directly off the table with the potential to free up stuck patterns leaving a lasting impact.  

Also available remotely.

Distance Sessions

Interestingly, this work can be conducted at a distance. Both client and practitioner act as if the body is on the treatment table and a session is conducted accordingly. The same bioplasmic patterns that would reveal themselves in person appear and respond exactly as if one is present. Clients who receive distance work express amazement at how much they feel in their bodies while the work is being done and how different they feel afterwards. A one hour session is followed by a 15 minute phone or skype conversation about the experience. 

$80. check or cash $85. via Stripe online payment

3 – 75 minute sessions

Amazing things can happen in a single Biofield Tuning session, however understand you will have layers that continue to get UNSTUCK.  If it is your intention to continue your journey toward health, it is highly recommended you sign up for a package of 3 – 75 minute sessions for deeper healing with lasting results.


Sonic Meridian Flush

An in person spa-like experience using weighted forks on the body which clears congested energy resulting in relaxation and freed of flow of energy throughout selected meridians. Session length 75-90 minutes.

 $90.00 check or cash $95. via Stripe online payment

Seated Chair Session

An excellent introduction to Biofield Tuning, the Seated Chair Session addresses the heart and throat chakras. Session length 25-30 minutes.

$25. check or cash $30. via Stripe online payment